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Otto App Studio is a mobile application development studio which was established by two friends in 2012 in Turkey. Our goal is to meet customers' needs and developing our own projects while having fun.

Latest Works

Basic Math With Smarty
Basic Math With Smarty

Are you ready to be the best in math with a basic operation exercise with Smarty?
You can choose the operation type and decide the difficulty level from among five different options. You can improve yourself at every turn by trying to solve the problem in less time with more correct answers. By the way, on the iPad you can use chalks to solve problems easily.


If you want to add a new language to application, click the ‘Add Language’ button in settings screen. Then fill in the form with the language you prefer. By this way, you can easily practice in your own language with Smarty. Because of your contribution, your name will be appeared in credits.


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Basic Math With Smarty
i Love Mustache

Everybody will grow mustache one day! Even women… I love Mustache carries you to mustached photos that you have been looking forward for years!
You can put the mustache samples that are more ''stylish'' than one another and that are on the I Love Mustache application on whichever photo you want, save to your phone and share with your friends!


Features of the app:
- 23 mustache samples different from one another
- Adding filter facility
- Saving your mustached photos to your phone and sharing them on social networks


Available On The App Store


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